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Thread: Peck-Deck Form

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    Peck-Deck Form

    Hiya guys,

    I just want to get the exact perfect form for peck deck. I know there's the traditional way: hands wrapped around the bar, and the forearm flat on the pad below the hand, then bring it in till the two pads touch (i hope u know what i mean ). BUT, I see a lot of people and have heard from many trainers too that its also very effective when you simply hold your palms flat on the outside of the pads and being them together, thus your elbows are facing away from you and no part of the body touches the pads except the palms. is this also correct? anyone better than the other?


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    I have seen people do that too...I have also seen people with just their biceps on the pads and they bring their hands together and almost clap, but right when the hands are about to touch they turn their wrists..I guess to squeeze...Are these ways correct??

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    the correct way is to feel the weight in your chest as long as you are getting the full contraction and expansion in your chest and not your arms, shoulders , forearms etc you should be ok

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