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    DC Training, exercises

    Ok, well ive read through DC's post of at and from what I can gather the workouts performed need to be compound workouts, not isolation.

    So anyone on the DC Method, could you tell me some exercises I should use for basically, shoulders, biceps, triceps, legs, back width, back thickness.

    I could really only think of one or two things to do as far as compound goes.

    Incline Smith

    Smith Seated Military

    Close Grip BB

    Preacher BB Curls

    Reverse grip preacher
    Hammer Curls

    Back Width:
    Wide Lat-Pulls

    Back Thickness:
    Dead Lifts

    If someone could share with me their routine for DC training, I would appreciate it. Im changing from a routine i had been using for like 6 months, and I am really hoping this breaks my plateau.

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    Chest: any type of press
    shoulders: generally presses, upright rows
    tris: close grip bench presses, jm presses, dips, etc (just don't use kickbacks, lol)
    biceps: any curl, preacher, DB, incline, etc
    forearms: genereally just variations of rev curls and hammer curls
    back width: anything in the vertical plane
    back thickness: hip flexion exercises like deadlifts, GM, and rows

    Choosing your exercises will also depend on your work capacity, the best example i can give is if you're doing a workout where u do DB bench press, Arnolds, if you have a low work capacity, your tri's are already gonna be dead, and you will not gain any strength on your tri exercise, if you have a high work capacity, then you will be fine and continue to gain on your tri exercise, other wise you might want to stick to smith presses and machine presses for chest, and stick to smith presses and other non-tri intensive exercises.

    The main goal is to keep those strength gains coming.

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    is it worth following this routein if natural?

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    Im not on the DC methods but im a personal trainer and know my compund any ways
    chest:barbell presses and db presses, weighted dips(head down, this wil make your body at an angle puttin more stress on ur chest than tri's)

    back: weighted pull ups(forget lat pull downs), bent knee deads, barbell rows

    delts: seated military smith press, cleans, db press
    trap: barbell and db shrugs

    legs: SQUATS!!!, leg press
    calfs: raises on leg press machine, standin raises w/ smith machine

    Bi's: Chins (palms facing u), barbell curl
    Tri's: dips, close grip press, skullcrushers, tri pulls downs

    Those are your compund exercises for each muscle group, there are more but this should be a good basis, good luck with the Dog Crap (DC) Method

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    Okay, Saboudian pretty much nailed it.

    I would add that you might read a little more of the posts at IM. I see no mention of rack deads or rack chins in your post. The guys at IM are all about those two exercises, and there are tons of threads on them.

    Some that you might consider for other body parts:
    forearms: reverse grip cable curls & pinwheels
    triceps: reverse grip bench press (the only time you ever do flat benches in DC training) you do not use kickbacks or cable push downs
    BW: rack chins; wide pull downs;
    BT: deads;rack deads;bent rows

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    We try to stay away from DB work if at all possible for safety reasons, DBs are very hard to r/p with and if you have to do them keep the reps high 15-30RP.

    We stay away from Flat Bench also, depending on how long you have been lifting you will see it is the most injury causing exercise there is, so we stick with Inclines and Declines and the Smythe is a very safe way to perform r/p worksets especially training alone...

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