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    Question on Muscle Loss

    I havent been able 2 lift for like 3-4 weeks... I feel soooo much smaller.. Maybe its just my head i dunno but i feel like i dont look as cut or anything. do all u feel like this and how much loss do u think u actually lose when u dont lift 4 a few weeks..

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    Getting Fat
    Depends on numerous factors, so an answer is not available. Why haven't you been able to train for 3-4 weeks? I will say a detraining effect has occured.
    The old saying is so true, "If you don't use it, you lose it."

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    It will take a couple of years to build a good base but only a month or 2 to lose it. But when you get back to training it will only take the same time as it did to lose it to get it back with the right diet end training

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