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    Anyone use Dumbbell Power Hooks?

    Anyone use these things with heavy dumbbells? Are they worth it. I am at home alone so it would be nice to not have to kick up the heaviest weight and also nice not to have to drop it when done.

    Any opinions please? Thanks.

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    Hell yeah dude, AandF6969 and I use those things all the time. We have a different style, more of a double hook deal. Made by TKO. Very useful for bell shrugs, bar shrugs, deadlift, standing calf raises, and prolly some others. Why let your hands give out before your back or traps do? If you do a little searching you can find those for waaaay cheaper than $60. Ebay.

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    Yep, great product. Just be mindful of a few things. Make sure you practice with them a bit before you load up on the weight. The heavy lift off tends to catch you off guard if you're not ready for it. Also, there's a piece of metal connecting the two sides which tends to cut into your palms at times unless you wear gloves. Aside from those issues, they work very well.

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