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    Question Would This Be A GOOD Workout To Increase What I Lift???


    Pyramid Power Strength Training Workout

    1x100% 1x100% +5 lb.
    1x 95% and/or 1x 95%

    2x 85% 2-3x 90%
    4x 75% 4-6x 80%

    6x 65% 7-10x 70%

    Start FINISH

    1. Warm-up with 8 reps at 50% of your 1-rep max. Don't be hesitant to warm-up more if you feel you need to. Some people like to do a light 10 rep set with just the empty barbell as their first warm-up set.
    2. Follow the prescribed reps and percentages right up to your 100% or 1-rep max set. Take a 1-2 minute rest between warm-up and lead-in sets. Take a 2-3 minute rest before the 1x 95% set and between every set thereafter. Don't hesitate to take longer rest periods if you feel you need to.
    3. Based on how your 1-rep max set felt, decide whether or not to try to establish a new max by adding 5 pounds. If you attempt a new max, it is a good idea to skip the 95% down set.
    4. If you establish a new 1-rep max, that becomes your next workout.
    5. When you are no longer able to make progress because of reaching a plateau or over-training, you should re-cycle your program. Reduce the weight (your current 1-rep max) you use to determine your workout by 10%. For example: If your current 1-rep max is 300 lbs., use 90% of that as your workout max (270 lb.) for your first workout when you re-cycle. Build up your weights again gradually by adding 5-10 lbs per workout to each previous workout max. By backing off in this manner and building up again, you will allow your body a chance to recover and possibly break through your previous plateau.

    3x8 seated military press

    3x8 Lat Pull Downs

    3x8 Biceps and Triceps

    3x8 One Arm Rows


    *Day Off or Cardio Workout
    *Ultra Light Lift


    Pyramid Squat

    3x8 Leg Extensions

    3x8 Leg Curls

    2x20 Calves

    2x20 Hypers


    *Day Off Or Cardio Workout
    *Ultra Light Lift


    3x4 Incline 1st week (65%) 2nd week (70%) 3rd week (70%) 4th week (75%) 5th week (75%)

    3x8 Laying Down Cable workouts

    3x8 Dips

    3x4 Wide Grip Pull ups

    3x4 Narrow Grip Pull Ups

    3x8 Lat Pullovers

    3x8 Bent Rows


    *Rest Day


    *Rest Day

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    OOPS the Pyramid workout went up wrong read right to left and bottom to top

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    Crap I guess I was wrong it goes: 6x65%, 4x75%, 2x85%, 1x95%, 1x100%, 1x100+5pounds and/or 1x95%, 2-3x90%, 4-6x 80%, 7-10x 70%

    Warm-up with 8 repetitions at 50% of your 1-rep max.

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    That is difficult to follow. I would max out on all core exercises. Take 85%-95% of your max and train with <6 reps. Rest intervals are typically 2-5 minutes with this type of training and 2-6 sets for volume. That would be a good guideline for strength training, then transition into hypertrophy training and go back and forth like that. I would skip out on endurance training unless that is a goal of yours. Hope this helps a bit.

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