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    Supplements or Natural

    Hey I've sat around getting decent gains without supplements or special powders and watched my friends take Creatine and Protein Whey. I heard Creatine is harmful to your kidneys and so did my friends therefore most of them stopped using it, but this protein powder is begining to come into the school weightroom now and I was wondering if it was harmful to anything like Creatine, because creatine sounded like harmless body making substance untill students were discovering the kidney fact. If I started using Protein after being natural all this time and gaining so much natural muscle make me have huge gains when I start using it?

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    sorry bro i know you are just asking for advice, but at 15 you are too young to be on AR. As for the creatine, protein question. I dont see the harm in taking a protein supplement in your post work out shake and creatine isnt particularly harmful, just drink more water then you would normally. Personally i wouldnt bother with the creatine for a year or two, you said youre getting good gains now so why add things you dont nececcarily need, especially on the budjet of a 15yr old.

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    Protien shakes are totaly harmless, its like drinking all the nutrients out of a steak. My meem had a $hit fit when I started taking them. I told her ok, then just buy me 10lbs of ribeye a week. She hasnt said anything about the shakes for a while.

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