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Thread: Chest ?

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    Chest ?

    I always begin every chest workout with either flat bench or inlcine bench alternating every week.The thing is lets say I start off with incline,by the time I move on to flat bench my chest is so tired.I cant lift heavy on flat or vice versa.Its either one or the other.Does anybody else experience this?

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    Oh yeah I can relate

    The Incline is a much stricter movement and will cause much more fatique than the flat. It is a good idea to change the order of things up every once in awhile though. If your flat suffers to greatly as a result of this I would try moving on to another chest excersise first after the incline THEN come back to the falt bench later after you have had a cahnce to recover. But yeah, I think this is pretty much a common phenomena (sp?)

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    i agree w/ Tobey it is common, thats pretty much the whole point for reversing the order of your workout, it helps to build strength in the muscle you do 1st, it also helps w/ sticking points on certian exercises. if you suffer to much cut something out like 2 reps or 5lbs, or one set

    good luck

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    Is it a muscle fatigue or just stamina?
    If your body cannot provide enough oxygen or blood flow to "wash" the lactic acid build-up then you will get this "fatigued" effect.

    Are you doing cardio?
    If not I sugest you start 25 minutes 3 times a week to get better blood flow dude.

    Keep pumping.

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