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    critique my workout plz

    Just wondering what everyone thinks of this workout, or any changes you would make to it, heres some info on me...

    Im 5'11" @ 200 even, bf is around 11%, currently on insulin , soon to be adding some clen to cut up a bit, then its off to test...

    Anyway, heres some problems I have... My chest is probly my weakest point, its big, but very undifined and It needs shaping... And my calves would be my other weakest point, if anyone could give me some good adivce it would be much appreshiated.

    Day 1: Chest
    Flat Bench: 4 x 5-6
    Incline Dumbell Bench: 2 x 7-8
    Flys: 2 x 7-8
    Ab Work

    Day 2: Back- Shoulders
    Deadlift: 4 x 5-6
    Bent over rows: 2 x 7-8
    Chins: 2 x 8-10
    Military Press: 4 x 5-6
    Shrugs: 2 x 7-8

    Day 3:rest

    Day 4: Legs
    Squats: 4 x 5-6
    Leg Curls 2x 7-8
    Leg ext. 2x 7-8
    calf raises: 5x 10-12

    Day 5: Arms
    Close Crip Press: 4x -6
    Barbell Curl: 4x 5-6
    Skull Crushers: 2x7-8
    Dumbell Curls: 2x7-8

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    im not a big fan personally of doing only 2 sets of most things.. id say do 3 sets on everything and sometimes a 4th as a burnoff.. id also say to get your chest stronger and shape up would be to switch up your chest workout and not do the same thing all the time.. theres many workouts for each body part.. dont always use the same routine..

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    I second the motion of doing at least 3 sets but usually 4 of each exercise. Shoulders are a big and complex muscle; they have front, mid, and rear heads (sections) and right now you only have the front and part mid covered for military presses. Shrugs work your traps (upper back). For the rest of your shoulders do lateral raises (side flys), front raises, and rear delt raises. You can hit the rear delts by putting an adjustible bench on a decline and lay on your stomach and have your arms w/ bells hang down and raise your arms up and slightly forward. Dont do the same exercises every week, like phatmark said, theres plenty of workouts for each part.

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    Alright cool, all points taken, guess ill be switching to 3-4 sets, thanks for the input!

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    Make shure you go heavy on the squats since your only doing 5-6 reps. I like to do less weight and more squats, but I think more weight and less squats is better. Squats really kill your legs, they're definatley important if you want good legs.

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    Ask yourself what you feel is wrong or lacking. Do you come away on a certain day feeling like you've over done it or could do more?

    Are you still sore by the next time you train the same body part?

    Are you at a plateau on your chest? Variation may help. You don't hit the lower pecs, so one week do decline bench. You're not training your triceps either and these are used a great deal in benching, this may be what you feel is your weakness on chest day.

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    For your chest i would tell you to do couple of more thigns. For incline do clsoe grip bench(priority) incline flys and move on to bench, fly...and then do cross overs with cables. Forgot about dips. If you got the machine you can do it between flys and cross overs.

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    you need to do 3 things for chest, bench incline and flyes..nothing else... more reps than 6, need atleast 8 first set should be around 12-15. the reps are low on almost everything you do imo... so up them, and read about over training and learn about rest and recovery..

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