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    3 Day Split... Hows It Look?

    Heres my split, tell me what you guys think. [4x6]

    Chest, Shoulders, Tri's
    Bench Press
    Incline Bench Press
    Skull Crushers
    Seated Dumbell Presses

    Back, Bi's
    Dead Lift
    DB Rows
    EZ Curls
    DB Curls

    Legs, Abs
    Leg Extensions
    Weighted Situps

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    Soldier of Misfortune's Avatar
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    You wont get nearly enough of a sufficient workout on shoulders n tris if you only do one exercise. Do at least 3 for shoulders, hitting all three heads (side, front, and rear delt raises, military press) and probably 3 for tris too. (cable pull downs, dips, they are the biggest arm muscle, not the bis) More for your legs, the more you work your legs, the more test and ghg is released and the more your muscles all over grow. I would add some chest flys too.

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    I am doing three day split too but i do 3-4 exercises for each bodypart. Soldiers right, you will probably have to add something in there. On the second day for the week I usually keep it to more like you have it now, between2-3 exercises/muscle group. Def. more legs! barbell lunges, leg curl, seated leg press, hack squat, etc

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    Definitely more legs, I would seriously consider some strt. leg deadlifts. Also, soldier is right, you are not going to work tris or shoulders enough. Anybody that I have ever seen do a 3 day split does a lot of compound power exercises. Cleans, deadlifts, heavy squats, etc. OR, they do what PV does, and that is a lot of different exercises (takes more time, just as effective, especially for women).

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    you seem to have missed calves/hammies completely , chuck in some standing calf raises/seated (high reps for calves imo) and a form of leg curl / straight legged dead (best for hammies imo)

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    If you're just starting out, then it looks fine to me. If you're not just starting out, then you're missing some major muscle groups and you're missing a lot of minor muscle groups.

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