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    3 weeks til i test on bench and squat for football

    Right now my 1 rep max is 300 on bench and i really wanna get 315 up when we test.does anyone have a workout that could help me out. here is mine please critique

    Flat Bench- 135 x 10 warmup
    Set 1-225 x 8
    Set 2-245 x 6
    Set 3-275 x 2-4
    Set 4-225 x 8
    Set 5-315x 3 negatives

    Incline dumbells
    70 x 10
    80 x 10
    90 x 10

    Pec Dec
    200 x 10
    210 x 10
    220 x 10

    Cable Crossovers
    50 x 10
    60 x 10
    60 x 10

    Overhead Tricep extension
    70 x 10
    80 x 10
    90 x 10

    Tricep Rope Extention
    150 x 10
    160 x 10
    170 x 10
    110 to failure

    Tri Kickbacks
    30 x 10
    40 x 10
    40 x 10

    I think i need a new flat bench routine to shock my chest alittle bit and maybe jump up 20 pounds in the next 3 weeks.... any ideas?

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    test cyp may help with that lol

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    Well everyone will respond differently, but what really worked for me a while back was actually taking a break. I lifted pretty hard for my chest, took a week off of chest, came back and hit it hard. I was expecting to max out one rep with 335, since I figured my muscles would have shrunk or whatever since they hadn't been trained for like 2 weeks. I came up and got 6 reps out of something I figured was gonna be my 1rm. I was phyched to say the least
    But that was the longest time I'd gone without benching for about 2 years hehe, so I was more than you could say overtrained I think heh.

    And considering it sounds like he's going for high school football (right?) I'd hope you guys wouldn't reccomend any anabolics....

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    When you fail on a press do you fail at the bottom or top of the lift?


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    Yeah what D said. You have to find your weak point in the lift and work on that. If it's the transition point from where your pecs give out and the triceps take over, then you have to address the triceps. You have to make sure that in your tricep program that you are starting from a tight bicep curl point. Try three part tricep extensions.
    If it's your pecs, then try thee part bench or three part pec deck.
    Also try doing some lower pec work like weighted dips. Just remember to lean forward and have your elbows out for more pec stress. Don't let the weight swing. Only cheating yourself like that.

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    take creatine about an hour before you lift. i'd take at least4-5 days off from lifting before the competition too. if you can get your hands on it, get an eca stack or energy. i did 10 more pounds than i'd done before on the day of my football bench competition. these things just gave me a little extra to help i think.

    anyone have any suggestions on a diet change he could make?

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