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Thread: Injured

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    Not something many may have suffered from but i have injured both my hip flexors! I figured out how i did it originally, i overstretched while using a roman chair. Altho only the right gave me problems. I managed to further aggrovate the left one to the point where it hurts by falling in a hole while drunk and carrying a girl. Well that teaches me to be a gentleman. Anyone know ho long roughly these will take to heal. It hurts to raise my legs more then halfway to parralel. The drive to my graduation on the weekend was bloody painful, felt like my legs were on fire.

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    Prime,sorry to hear. My suggestion is see a good chiropractor. They (if they know what they are doing) can help tremenously. I speak from experience. If left untreated you can make things worse. What will happen is your range of motion will get less. This is due to fluid buildup because the nerves are being stressed. Too mant folks go on the roman chair and rock up & down like madman. Overextending putting a strain on lower spine & erector spinae muscells. Your abs/hips are your center ,left untreated all else with hurt. Also talk to more than one physical therapist specialzing in hip/joints perhaps they can reccommend some exercises

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