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Thread: Bicep workout

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    Bicep workout

    I have heard so many Dam* things. someone please clarify, about low volume training. I have heard that about 2 excerises 6 sets total w/o warmups is the best way to go. pleas someoen clarify this for me. my arms just aren't getting that great feeling anymore from this work out.

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    Then do more exercises. I usually do 3 w/ 4 sets each. Some times super sets w/ tri's.

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    Change your reps or exercises temporarily if you haven't lately. I do 4 w/ 3 sets each, and your will probably get half a dozen suggestions for set & reps. Just change up to something you aren't currently doing to find what your body wants to start growing again maybe just got used to your routine. One thing I have found that works really well to give your body a shock it sometimes needs is to increase the reps for a couple weeks then go back down to the lower reps again.
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