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Thread: Need Advice

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    Need Advice

    I Have A Bench Competition In About 6 Months. But Its Not A 1rm Comp. It Is How Many Times Can You Do Your Body Wieght.
    I Have A Good 1rm But My Endourance Is Not That Strong. What Type Of Bench Workout Should I Do (sets & Reps). And How Long Should I Train Before The Comp. I'm 200lbs 1rm Is 335.

    Any Advice Appreciated

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    Start training now. I would say do inclines for reps 70% 1RM. Then flat benching around 75%1RM for reps. Also just mix it up say 50%1RM for many reps. Every 3 wks try Increaseing the 1RM. Others may comment what has worked for them. I suspect you will do good 335lb is not too shabby. So doing 200lbs for reps is all in your mind come comp day..

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    Getting Fat
    Think Specificity.
    Start doing reps w/ your bodyweight.

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