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    tendonitis question

    I can feel the early signs of tendonitis, i was doing heavy dips and the next day i had a lil discomfort in my elbow and when i tried working out shoulders a couple of days later i felt shooting pains during and press movement, its been 5 days now since i didnt even touch a weight, i wanna start again but i dont want to make it worse, how long does it usually take to rest and get rid of the pain?

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    if it is tendonitis, rest period is varied(much too long!) Severity,physical conditioning, blood circulation, diet, age, ect...determines it. How long? Its anyones guess

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    For tendonitis the ususal 'prescription' is to take some anti-inflamatories and rest the affected joint from 4-16 weeks, depending on the severity of the problem.

    What happens in the real workd you ask? Well since I know no one who is willing to forego working out for that long, the reality is anti-inflamatories and training around the problem as much as possible. Some people swear by eating gelatin (Jello) which I have done in the past, tho I swear its an old wives tale. But hey, even if it has placebo effect you are better off doing it, right. lol.

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