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Thread: Weenie legs.

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    Weenie legs.

    Well in the past i have had problems with my knee and on top of that i have a week ankle. Well i am finaly able to work my legs hard and im having trouble with my squats . I cant seem to find the right form . Durring heavy sets my knee tries to go out to the right to the point where my leg shakes tryng to keep in form. It happens to be the knee on the same leg as my wussy ankle. After the sets i dont even feel tired because my leg looses form before i can truly push my quads to there limit. Is there any tips in form you thinki could try to give me a more stable base like putting my feet wider apart or somethin ? Should i try wearing braces. Iv bin told by a doc that i shouldnt have to wear a brace and it would only hurt my training. Funny part is my leg press isnt too shabby i can put up 360 4 times knees to chest with no probs .
    Any suggestions from the squat monsters?

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    go back to light weight to practice your form

    i use a little more than shoulder width stance feet slightly outward chest out head foward
    and sometimes a board under my heels,

    i use light weight but slow reps and control the muscle contraction for strict form and wow do i really feel it

    its not about the weight but all about form to avoid injuries

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    The only thing I can think of that might help under a more heavy load is using the smith machine for balance. That way if your knee does give or you think it might its easy to bail out if you have too.

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    whatever you do don't use a leg extension machine if you are having knee problems, heavy weights on it can damage your knee capsule. that's what my ortho doc told me after having arthroscopic knee surgery.

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    I'm not much of a squat monster...but try maybe doing sissy squats nice and slow for the form while holding 100lb plate. At least with these your putting more tension in the glute & quads and it seems to help to hold the weight more on your heels instead of leaning forward on the knees. I've seen even the bigger guys doing this who have had knee injuries.
    Just a thought. BW

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