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Thread: Cardio

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    TodayI tried a new way of cardio and I was just wondering if it was anything good. I liked doing it and i was feeling pretty good doing it. Anyway here it is.

    Min 1-17: Constant set of exercises, one after the other, for 15 reps(exercises that work body parts, using no weights, just using regular things)
    Min 18-28: Mix between hard Jog, Jump Rope, and Squat thrust
    Min 29-30: Break
    Min 31-45: Heavy to light swim

    I liked preforming this today, but I am not shure if it is any good.

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    Beats sitting on a couch eating donuts, but is not a very effective use of 45 minutes in terms of cardio. I doubt I would break a sweat doing this.

    Stick with the basics.

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