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    Is my cardio session ok??

    I normally just ride my bike as cardio, I keep my HR about 70% the whole time, for about an hour a day...

    But sometimes I will do cardio in the gym and do, 20min. on the eliptical, 20min. on the treadmill, 20min. on the stairs.. I always keep my HR atleast 70%... Does it matter what machine for the best results or is it just your HR??


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    i like to jog, 70% as well. but many find that running tears down your leg muscle so they shrink up. it sounds good to me that you're varying your cardio workouts. an hour sounds good though.

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    well most will say that the heart is the only muscle you should be monitoring for cardio (ie. anything which keeps the heart at 65-75% depending on goals). However I find that doing something like bike or fast-paced walking are ALL focusing on the legs. Is there any other cardio which won't burn only the legs? Two options I know are swimming (which I do but not that often cause you need a special memebership at the gym for that ) and rowing machine (which is a no no for me due to a should injury). What other forms are there to try? I thought of trying jump-rope as it hits the calves but not the quads so much.

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    looks good. i like to change it up too otherwise i get real bored doing cardio.

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