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    How often to change routine?

    How often do you guys change your routine? 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 12 weeks?

    Also, when you change your routine, do you change the rep schemes as well?

    Is it good to change the rep schemes routinely?

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    When you stop going up in reps or weight. Try adding five pounds or more reps to every set, every week. When you stop seeing gains, it's time to change it up. Either different exercises or changing some form of intensity. IE: Less rest between sets, or more negatives, or forced reps, or three part movements/7's/21's, or explosive movements, chains/bands. Lot's of ways. Just a few mentioned.

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    Deff more than 4 weeks. 3-4 times a year is probably what I do. Ive never really paid attention to how long I have been on a split, when I get burned out on one, I take a week off and come up with a new one.

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    If it aint broke, dont fix it.

    I change it up only when im at a standstill with adding weights. As long as you're increasing your poundages, you're going to be gaining muscle provided diet is right.

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    Yup Bdtr why fix it untill you get stale. Days,weeks can sometimes be just a number picked out of the clear blue sky. Your body tells you when. At the same time mixing it up is very important

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    Totally goal-dependent... with aditional factors - like overtraining. Generally, you want to bleed a macrocycle for all its worth... as long as you are still progressive then its still good to go. Training cycles that include high intensities or reduced calories will probably burn you out quicker... but even using long rest intervals with very heavy loads (for instance, if you are capable of a 455 1RM) can tax your system severely. Lots of variables - no one answer to this question and dependent on the athletes capabilies and experience... and type of training cycle...

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    I do a different workout everytime, changing reps, order of exercises, rest, etc. the only thing bad about this is you cant tell if your going up in weight. im gonna try to do every month and just increasing weight everyweek and see how that goes

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