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    pain in the neck

    Ok for the past 2 weeks when its leg day i go from squats straight to leg press. Then i go through 3 working sets and get to my last set and for some reason when i get to those last couple reps where i really have too push and struggle to get the sled up i get this pain in the neck then it shoots right into my head and when it happens i have almost passed out both times. Its sorta scaring me cause it only happens when i do leg press. I dont know if anyone has experienced this before but any input on this would help. Its never happened when Ive done any other leg exercise just leg press, I think I might have pinched a nerve but Im not for sure. any help on this would be appreciated

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    It might be that your holding your breathe while your pressing and causing some seriuos BP shooting into your head... next time you do your set, go lighter and rep it out. Also have someone watch you, and let you know if your head is turning red (or purple.. hehe). Also, look UP when your leg pressing also.. most people had a tendency to "bear down" when doing leg presses.

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    I have a sharp pain in my neck everyonce in a while while lifting. I just shake it out and add more wieght tho.

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