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Thread: Ski Calf raises

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    Ski Calf raises

    I read about these on another site and i think they make an interesting change from regular calf raises.
    For these instead of standing directly under the pads, place your feet about two feet behind the pad so you are leaning forward. You will have to adjust the pads so that they are lower and the weight stack so its a bit lighter. You will now find that your starting position has you already in the deep starting position you try and reach with regular calf raises. You should find these give you a slightly harder job getting the weight up due to the fact that you are pushing forward as well as up. Dont use the block as it could be unstable at such an angle, and it isnt needed anyway.

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    I am not 100% sure but I think I get what you are saying. At my gym our calf machines cannot 'adjust' so as to allow the feet to be behind the pad, so what I do is use a hacksquat machine. Stand with stomach on the machine (opposite to if you were doing squats) and I use one of those large pieces of wood on where the foot would go, so that I can put just the end of my foot on and have the calves hanging over like on the normal calf machine. This was it's as if I am leaning forward, and when you come down you REALLY go deep with the calves which gives them a phenomenal ROM.

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