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    gymnast training

    i was just wondering how do these people train to get that kind of strength, more like body weight training, handstand pushups and stuff or free weight training and body weight training?

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    That's a good question but I have to say I have no idea!! But my guess is they do alot of explosive polymetric exercises. Pull-ups,push-ups,stretching both dynamic & static,& of course they weight train but probably higher rep schemes light poundages. You have to admit with the olympics on they have great physiques.

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    First off they start young doing basic fundamental tumbling as little kids and slowly increase the difficulty as they grow older. It is a natural progression. As far as weight training, I don't think so except for rehabing an injury.

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    gymnasts gain there strength primarily through performing gynastic movments. From working from the basics up to the advanced. I stopped when i was a kid but as an example, on the high bar, we would be split into small groups, one under supervision learning how to swing etc, the other doing pullups while waiting for their go. On the floor we would be doing hundreds of handstands, handsprings etc. Sprinting to the vault etc I expect weight training probably comes into play at a later age. But at 9 i could do handsprings, backflips, i was learining the parellel bars and was just being introduced to the pommel horse. NO weight training, just hundreds of hours of practicing manouvers.

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    The only way a person can obtain the strength, flexibility, and endurance required to do gymnastics is from practicing the specific movements themselves and training variations of them. Like the guys said, most start really young and as you may have noticed it's a sport which favours shorter people. You gotta respect the sheer athleticism of the sport but I can't help feel it's not the manliest thing a guy can do on a mat.

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