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    Workout Criteque and Help

    Im 5'8" at 172lbs with 6-8bf%. im starting a cycle of test e (500/week for 12 weeks). I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what parts to lift. Ill be going to gym Monday-Friday (because i go away on weekends) as of now ive been working on something like this:
    wednesday- bi's & tri's
    thursday- back
    friday- repeat day 1 week 1, then day 2 week 2 (basically cycling through everything to work every body part 2x a week atleast once every 4 weeks)
    sat- off
    sun - off

    >>I dunno when i should do shoulders? any advice would be good. thanks for imputs

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    I take off lots of weekends too! But stay with yoru diet on the weeknds and you'll be OK.

    My split looks like this:

    Monday: Chest & Bi's
    Tuesday: Forearms, Calves, Neck and Abs
    Wednesday: Legs, Back & rear Delts
    Thursday: Repeat of Tuesday
    Friday: Shoulders, Traps & Tri's

    Lots of stretching and cardio after every w/out

    Goodluck and be a wild animal in the gym, MJ
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    I take weekends off as well, and I prefer only working a musclegroup once a week. I have the following split:

    Monday: bis/delts
    Tuesday: tris/calves
    Wednesday: quads/hams
    Thursday: back/traps
    Friday: chest/fore

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