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    need some help plz

    ok im just getting back into working out after a 8 year layoff and i need some real help in making a easy workout program. something to get me back in shape here are my stats

    arms 16inchs
    legs uppper 27 inchs
    calfs 17 inchs
    waist 41 inchs
    chest 46 inchs
    226 pounds
    24% bf
    lol i know im not a big guy or any place near most of u guys so im turning to u guys for help im getting my powerhouse membership in a week so i really need to pull this together soon thxz guys now to go to diet side and get a better diet

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    I am using Swolecats ols workout and digging it.... lokks like this

    Day 1:
    3 sets incline d-bells
    3 sets flat or decline d-bells
    3 sets cable work/machine flyes (straight handles)
    4 sets sh presses OR 4 sets lateral raises. (2-3 tempo!)
    4-5 sets of any tricep work. Skullcrushers/ close grip bench/etc.

    Day 2:
    3 sets "sissy" type squats on smith
    3 sets hack squats
    3 sets extensions or controlled lunges
    (Note: doing leg re-hab so I am training all parts more frequently as long as I need to have my legs recover on time. Not worried about much else. Hence the 4 days in a row, then one day off)

    Day 3:
    3 sets pullups/lat pulldown machine (width)
    3 sets row type movement (thickness)
    3 sets deads (heavy days) or v-bar rows (light days)
    4-5 sets any heavy bicep movement. (Straight bars or Hammers) Mass builders.
    5 sets d-bells shrugs, straight up and down, 20 reps each set.

    Day 4:
    4 sets ham curls
    4 sets stiff leg deads
    5 sets seated calves
    5 sets rope crunches w/weight!!! Brick City

    Day 5: Cardio only.

    Day 6: Repeat.

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