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    Been out for a while but rareing to go!

    Wus appnin bro's?

    Just a quick question for the seasoned vet's!

    I havent been able to train for a while (three weeks in total!) due to work. But now that period is over and Im ready to hit it and hit it hard!

    The question I got is this. Is three weeks out such a great length of time that I need to ease myself back in, or can I continue at the level I left at?

    What do you guys think?

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    Personally, I had a similar layoff and I eased myself back in for the 1st week, just to be safe. It shouldn't be too bad, but I play it dont' want to go balls to the wall and then be out for another week because your immoble!

    good luck

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    Depends a lot on your body, some people will need to ease in where others will be able to get right back into it. When you do your warmup sets get a feel for things, you might even want to pyramid your first time back so you can see how your body will adjust to the gradually heavier weights.

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