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Thread: chest workout

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    chest workout

    i have tried this workout for chest before and it is killer the next day.

    this is supersetted
    i do incline db flies 3x12 followed by incline bb 3x8-10

    then decline flies followed by decline bb

    then flat flies, flat bb

    by the time i get to flat bench im lucky if i can get 8 reps with 135lbs. my chest is completely spent.

    its obviously fatiguing my chest, as long as i move up in weight ill add size to my chest right?

    i believe it works so well because the flies preexhaust the muscle fibers making it hard to do heavy weight on bb's. any input on this would be great

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    Check out this link, its a workout that sounds very similar to what your doing. I tried it for a little while. Its all about pre-exaustion and breakdowns. Your right, it makes you sore as hell, its seriously one of the toughest workouts I've ever done. However, to answer your question, I really don't know how effective it truly is.

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