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    abs are a little lacking

    I work my abs every other day and even though I am seeing results in the upper half of my stomach and my obliques my mid section is still a little chubby. I can't seem to get rid of the chub, even though it is flat.

    I don't want ripped abs but I want to look lean. Should I include more cardio to get rid of the chubby or do a specific exercise? I do 100 crunches with weight for the upper abs and 100 for each oblique with weight. I do 100 wide stance crunches with weight and 100 leg raises with weight for the lower abs. I increase weight when they start getting easier to do.

    what else can I do?

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    Diet and cardio will get rid of the chubiness. There's no point trying to lose weight if you haven't got your diet right. Check the diet section of this forum for tips! If your working to the old myth of "training will turn fat into muscle", it's simply not true, hence doing ab exercises alone will not get rid of the excess fat on your stomach. It doesn't "tighten" the skin up either, so if you've recently lost a lot of weight then you'll just have to weight for your skin to catch up with your weight loss. There are creams that are supposed to help with this, but I have heard bad reviews of them in the past stating that some of them can have disastorous side effects.

    Keep doing cardio, maybe try increasing it by 15 mins a day if you have the time to spare, and diet, that's what to do to get lean!

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    Abs coming in are a lot of diet. Get your bodyfat down, and you will see your abs. Of course, the larger your abs the better. I seem to respond well from squats, deads, etc for my abs. The are a great stabilizer. However, i feel that when isolating the abs, make sure to treat them similiar to other muscles....ex-5 sets of 100 crunches wont do it

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    I train mine like any other muscle group 4sets 1 exercise every 5 days. I do not break the 10 rep mark and I hold every contraction

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    Adding weight to work your obliques can have negative results. If you have fat there like most of us then the result will just make your sides bigger as the muscle grows it pushes the fat out more! Best to work sides without weight or light better yet twisting with a stick is the best for them IMO

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