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Thread: Seeking advice

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    Seeking advice

    Whats up all!

    Ok I guess this is more or less a little poll to see what everyone prefers. I am about to embark on a cycle in 3 months (test e/ EQ/ winny) and am looking for some really good lifts I can perform for size, strength, and thickness. What do you think works well for you for the following body parts:

    Chest: I believe anything with dumbells and heavy
    Back: My guess would be bent over rows or deadlifts (i really want to incorporate deadlifts)
    Legs: Squats
    Traps: Shrugs
    Biceps: Straight bar curls (?)
    Tricep: Skull crushers (?)
    Shoulders: Over-head press (?)

    These are just my guesses. I really want to incorporate a "power lifting" type of workout during this cycle but am just a bit confused as how I should lay this out, i.e......sets/reps. Any got any tips for me?

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    I have always found that sticking primarily to compound movements are the best for overall mass. I do add some isolation excersises of course, but i rely on compound movements

    Chest: Bench from all angles, bar and dumbs. I do flyes, but only in a superset
    Back: Deadlift is amazing for overall size, and you will notice this in your lower back, traps, etc. Heavy rows and pullups
    Traps: Again, nothing beats deads, but shrugs are good too
    Biceps: My bi's get hit really hard during my back workout--the reason why compound movements are great. However, this is where you are going to need some isolation
    Triceps: Same as bi's
    Shoulders: Overhead press is great, but it really only hits the front deltoids. Deads, and back work work well for the rear and isolation with strict but still heavy side raises
    Legs: Squat and dead

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