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    Someone gimme a new shoulder routine.

    Currently doing
    military presses 12,10,8,12
    dumbell presses 12,10,812
    forward and side laterals 12,10,8,6

    i usually do my sides standing, then seated, then bent over, and then last set standing.

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    i recently changed my routine and it has been a killer:

    seated shoulder dumbbell press: 12-8-6-6 (have a spotter for last set
    standing barbell press to the front 8-8-6 (i recommend going to the squatting area, and using the sqautting/olympic bar, it will killy our shoulders especialy cause its to the front, but wont hurt rotator cuff like military press)
    seated laterals NB NB NB ONE AT A TIME 15-12-10-10. one at a time really isolates them beautifully
    standing front delts 12-10-10 (i tried using the same machine as I would for cable crossovers, and attach a rope at the bottom. Then i grab the rope from behind me and bring it forward to work the fron delts, in other words, so the cable runs in between my legs.)

    i normally have trouble holidng my protein shake after this

    you can also choose alternates, but my basic guideline is 2 HEAVY exercises for entire shoulders, and 2 MEDIUM, more intense, higher rep exercises - 1 for fronts, 1 for delts.

    PS. I normally throw in some traps in too cause they are already warm, eg. I'll do 4 sets barbell shrugs, 2 in front and 2 behind.

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    Hi Saint. your shoulder routine looks very light buddy. I believe in big weight=big muscles and hitting just one 8 rep set isn't a heavy routine for your shoulders..
    My shoulder routine would be at least 5 sets minimum on the military press, I can't use DB's because of a rotator injury.
    Hit heavy up right row's with both wide and narrow grips.
    And heavy on the laterials. But leave your rear delts for your back day and use the extra time on your side laterals. don't bother with front laterals because their hit heavy with your military and DB presses, plus your hitting them good on you chest routine too.


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    seated lateral raises
    seated front raises
    shoulder press (smith, dumbell or barbell are all fine)
    upright row
    rear delts

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    I usually warm up real well before I go heavy make sure you do some rotater cuff excercises before you start.
    Dumbell Press 5 sets 10-8-6-6-6
    increase weight by only 5lbs
    Hammer Strength Press 4 sets 10-8-6-6
    Then I usually super set front raises and lateral raises
    3 sets 8-7-6
    Bent over side laterals 3 sets 8-7-6
    Go as heavy as possible once your warmed up

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