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    Seated cable rows with palms up grip?

    Has anyone ever done seated cable rows using a straight bar with an underhand grip (ya know with the palms up)?

    What results did you get? Does it still work the back as good as with the other grip (v-bar,overhand, etc.)? Does it work your rear delts good too?

    I would think it would work your bis very well too.
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    It will hit the back and place alot of work on the's good to do if your looking for a change but I wouldn't do if to long or to often. I prefer the ol fashion lifts like barbell rows....I have done them with a reversed grip as well(palms facing away from the body). A good rule of thump with back exercises is try to use the arms as a hook, by that I mean they are what hooks your back to the your back to do the work.

    When the elbows go passed your torso(in the squeezed position of the row) the rear delts to come into play to a larger degree.

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    Well you will activate the bi's more & if a close grip you can also hit the rhomboids for thickness. Just as bornbad said your hands are hooks..

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    With me I feel like doing it with palms up is almost all biceps. The best way to do seated cable rows I feel is with the straight bar that has the D-hooks on the end so you can grip it and have your palms faceing neutrol (each other). This puts a lot more of the work into your back then anything else.

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