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    Shoulders, back from injury

    Hey Bros:

    About a year ago I was having rotator cuff problems, and got a really bad case of bursitis in both my shoulders. I stopped working out my shoulders, and they have kept their size, mostly due to me still doing many compound lifts. I would like to take my shoulders / traps / lat to the next level this winter. Alright I do the following exercises, not all on the same day, some back, some shoulders, anyone got any suggestion??

    Deadlifts, Upright Rows, Seated Dumbell Shruggs, bent over rows using barbell on an incline bench, lat pulldowns 3 stes wide, 3 sets very close, seated rows using the machine

    Shoulders (just did this routine, hurt, but got through it no problems)
    4 x barbell to the front barbell
    3x arnold presses
    3x side dumbell raisies / lateral raises
    3x plate lifts / dumbell raises to the front

    Let me know what u bro's think. I'm 6'1" about 185, kinda chubby right now, since I'm really just getting back in the gym for the past three weeks.

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    Congratulations on getting back to the gym. I have the same problem that you have, except that I always quit excercising before I injure my shoulders more. I just missed 5 days of workout and I feel guilty, but my rotator cuff is so bad that I can hardly pick up my 5 pounds dog without hurting. I have overdone it a little bit lately, I just wanted to pump up, but it's not worth if I then miss the gym.

    I went to a chiropractor and he taught me some exercises to prevent hurting my shopulders more. It is suppose to help strengthen the ligaments etc. When I try them I feel good, but the exercisies are so stupid that I nver do them. I might have to go back and ask him again to teach me how to do them, because I forgot it already. The only thing I do to cheat a little especially when I am doing bench press ,etc, I turn my elbows towards my mid section (which like you I am chgubby now so I can't miss it) if I am doing dumbells the turn is almost 45 degrees and the weights land on my chest on an angle. I play with the angulatyion a little and find what is comfortable so it does not stress my shoulder. Yep, my shoulder hurts even doing chest.

    You may want to ask a chiropractor about alternative exercises to increase your shoulders without hurting as much. Good luck

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