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Thread: Please Help

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    Please Help

    I have recently found out that I have a slipped disk in my lower back which has also resulted in a second degree strain/tear of my hamstring. After seeing a physiotherapist (sp?) I was told that I am still able to continue to train and do cardio (not walking/running) but not "excessively" and NO hamstring/butt work. I do not want to stop training all together so I am just wondering if anyone has any suggestions (especially for back/quads) of excersises that are a little less stressful on the lower back???? I LOVE my training and it just kills me to have to take a step back, especially becuase I am 3 weeks into my first clen cycle and am really strarting to see results.....

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    The best thing I found for working legs without the back is the HipBelt made by IronMind. This belt is great in that it allows you to work the legs and it sits on your hips (not around your waist) so there is no strain on the back at all. Also if you have cables then you can hook the front of the belt to a low cable and do lunges as well with no back involvement either. Cable lunges work different leg muscles depending on how far foward or back you are so if you get this belt just try a few different distances away from the unit and you will find a comfortable range that won't work your Hams.

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