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    2 days on one off?

    Is it better to workout two days on and one off. Or workout m-f and have the weekend off.

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    I am forced to workout 2 days in a row because of my hours at work but im actually getting better gains so it worked out for me.
    I just try to target opposite muscle groups Ex... chest and back on day 1 legs day 2 rest day 3 etc ...

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    i do a 2 on, one off 2 on 2 off

    mon on
    tues on
    wed off
    thurs on
    fri on
    sat off
    sun off

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    i used to do the same until a freind who body looks like shawn ray told me to give 6on/1off a try hitting each bodypart twice a week.........i did it and the first week was a i'm used to it and an actually making much better gains , infact i think my arms have put on an inch in this time , ppl always say i am overtrainin but i find that after awhile the body adopts...

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    I'm still a big fan of my 3 day workout. M-W-F. Each body part gets hit quick and hard each day. That way I hit em 3 times a week but not overkill like someone doing 15 sets on one body part. It take 2 hrs each workout but I get the next day to rest.

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