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    working out while injured

    I had my cast removed off my right foot, but i still can't walk without crutches because the bone isn't completely healed and i need to rebuild up ligament and tendon strength. Its a sad day when you look at your once mighty calf to now see a bowl of jello. But anyway, i am pretty quick on the crutches, and i figure i am not dead so i might as well workout. Do you think i should attempt doing an upper body circuit training routine till i can walk with about 10-20 minutes on a recumbent bike (doc said i can do that), or should i just say f*ck it and wait till i have two functional feet again. I've never done circuit training, but i know a lot of people who swear by it, then again they still look like crap. Please advise, i am turning into humpty dumpty over here.

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    i would wait a little while longer but if you do an upper body circuit training routine i would go really really light

    good luck

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