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    Help with Bulking

    It seems that i cant bulk up. I mean i lift 6 times a week and i know for sure i get enough food intake. I was wondering if there is anything else that might help me. Another thing when i lift i can feel my muscle tighten up and they will stay that way for bout 2 hours then they feel like they go right back down to size. Anyone with a comment to that, i sure could use it.

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    Getting Fat
    Put your diet in the diet section. They will help you out.
    Put your workout in this section. We can help you out.
    Your muscles tightening up is called a pumped (transient hypertrophy).
    This is an acute effect. It will not be permanent.

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    need more info, ht. wt.

    diet, workout (duration too) and cardio.

    Most likely your workouts arent intense enough, your not eating enough, your working out too long, and your doing too much cardio.
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