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Thread: workout plan

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    workout plan

    I am on my 7th week of 200mg deca and 500mg tes e...I have been using the same workout plan every week...the plan that i am on is very good but i think I should switch it up to get better results someone told me i shouldnt do the same excerises every week does anyone know a web page where i could find a few other work out plans...This is how my plan is

    Incline (smith machine) 4 sets @ 10
    Dumbell flat press 4 sets 8
    Hammer strength machine press (lower chest 4 sets 8
    seated butterflys 4 sets @ 8
    Flat bench 3 sets 10

    Lat pull down 4 sets 10
    Row Machine 4 sets 8
    close grip pulldowns 3 sets 10
    seated cable rows 3 sets 10

    Squats 4 stes 10
    leg press 3 sets 8
    leg extensions 3 sets 8
    Straight legs 3 sets 8
    leg curls 3 sets 10 (hamstring)
    calve press 3 sets 10

    Mil press (smith machine) 4 sets 10
    Shoulder press 3 sets 8 (hammer strength)
    Front raises 3 sets 10 25lb plate
    side lateral raises 3 sets 8
    shrugs 3 sets 10

    Straight Bar curls 4 sets 8
    preacher curls 3 sets 8
    hammer curls 3 stes 8
    skull crushers 3 sets 8
    pushdowns 3 sets 8
    tricep dip machine 4 sets 10

    This is my plan should i keep this same plan every week or should i do different excerises??? Please help thanks

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    You can change exercises, that would be fine. Personally i would use a 4-8 rep scheme because i think it would provide a better stimulus. I would recommend the same exercise for 4-6 weeks so that you can adapt to that routine, get in a groove, then switch to a different workout resulting in a greater shock. If you switch it up every week, your body will adapt to nothing.

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