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    The SAS Principle

    This is the basic pronciple I use for all my body parts when training - I train each body part seperatley over the week, so 6 times per week whilst varying my cardio dependant upon my needs (size v.s. cutting). See what you think.

    The SAS Training Principle -

    S H O C K
    The body will sit a homeostatic state if you allow it to do so. Therefore you must apply a new stimulus (increased reps/ dropsets/ negatives etc - basically something new) which the body is not use to. This will cause a reaction in the muscle group being worked. Generally, a new training principle will overload muscle tissue - causing delayed onset muscle soreness. This soreness will only occur through the next phase.

    A D A P T A T I O N
    The soreness is a sign of muscle breakdown and future muscle repair. As the muscles repairs they become thicker and denser and as such stronger. However, the body is a clever thing and once more will change back into its homeostatic condition that it so loves.

    S T A L E N E S S
    This occurs as a consequence of allowing the body to fully adapt to a given stimulus over the course of a training cycle (6-8 weeks for adaptation to occur in a trained individual). This staleness is what is generally termed a plateaux. The solution is simple you must SHOCK the body again and so the cycle repeats itself.

    Depending on what your desire is (size, tone etc) depends upon the stimulus and how you rotate through the various training principles (Multisets, Drop sets, Negatives, Volume training, Pyramid Training etc).

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    Good info bro for no experience folks here but, thats nothing new just old news..

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