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    Controlling the belly while bulking??

    i have just started bulking last week and i started at 164 i put on 6 pounds in one week naturally. I am currently training 3 days a week doing German Volume Training i am not doing any cardio at this point.Im just wondering if anyone could add some suggestions so my gut doesnt get out of control while trying to bulk..

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    It's inevitalble NOT to gain some fat during bulking. It's give & take and I sure you know that the 6 lbs in one week was NOT muscle. Mostly water & fat . I have no experience in a bulking cycle so I cannot comment on what's best for you. However, I can tell you eat clean healthy fats vs partially hydrogented sat fat and the like. Many bulk up then cut too. Continue to exercise your mid section.

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    Post up your dietary approach in the diet forum and we can see what it looks like, what to expect w/no cardio, etc.


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    i start to get fat when i bulk too, i just started a carb diet(except i eat carbs in the morn and pre and post workout) that usually helps me.

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    i'd say if you want to keep the fat off do at LEAST 2 days of cardio

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    just be used to it... its part of th game

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