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    tricepts need help

    6 2 205 been working out 3yrs straight
    my tris have been lacking i have tried to make my top priority but still not much. currently 3 weeks into 14 week 400eq 750test cycle.
    i train them with 10sets total, of 3 different exercises each workout, to keep a variety. i train them every 6 days and do 3 sets of kickbacks on chest day i do skull crushers/close grip bench/one hand skulls/tri pushdown/tri machine/dips
    i dont do dumbbell behind head hurts elbow
    i usually feel a little sore the next day so i know i am working them out preety hard

    have any ideas thx

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    Personally, I would increase the sets and try working the bi's same time incorporating some supersets.

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    Personally, I would use punctuation.

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    do some weighted dips and over head db press. man i strapped 2 45's and a 10 on a belt and did 3 reps on dips. crazy heavy.

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