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    Cardio The Next Day After Leg Routine


    Yesterday I did my leg routine just working out quads and today im kind of sore is it ok to do cardio or it would be better take the day off ??

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    You will be okay. Nothing major. Depending on how meticulous you are with your routine, I would probably just use today to further recovery. Another view, the cardio will probably make your legs feel better. Two sides to every coin!

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    I usually dont do cardio the day after legs. They need the recovery after a HARD workout. When Im cutting this is the day that I dont do cardio... the day after legs.

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    will it hurt recovery(recovery time is not an issue, but not progressing like i could is). i mean with my busy schedule, it may be the only day i can do them

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    I do cardio the morning of my leg day and the morning after.

    No problems for me.

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    it's funny i was going to ask a similiar question to this legs are absolutley killing me..i did legs two days ago and i couldnt walk yesterday now when i walk i limp..i actually only did quads b/c i split quads/hams i started off by 1 warm up set of leg ext.. then went right into DEEP squats i did 6 sets of those..then went back to leg ext..then some lunges across my gym parking lot..then i did 4 more sets of squats on the smith machine and i can't do cardio..hopefully tomorrow morning i'll be able to wake up and jump right on my treadmill

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