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    Sep 2004

    Wider from delt to delt

    what ares the best exercises to widen the top of my back? I want broader shoulders.

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    You cannot physically change the general shape of your muscle or bone structure, but you can do things to give the appearance of broader shoulders and upper back.

    This is not an exhaustive list, but it hits on the main exercises you need. If you concentrate on these basic, heavy-hitting exercises and if you stay away from wasiting your energy on "shaping" exercises like lateral dumbell raises, then you will see great improvements.

    The following will help give the look of a "widened" upper back:
    --Wide grip rowing movements such as seated cable row, t-bar and bent one-arm rows
    --Lat pull-downs (in front of face, not behind neck--too much strain)
    --Pull ups (with body weight, assisted, or weighted)
    --Bent flyes (or reverse machine flyes--using the pec-deck so that you pull the bars from in front of your chest to either side of your shoulders with arms outstretched).

    The following will help give the look of "widened" your shoulders:
    --Overhead Presses (I recommend using dumbell so your motion is not restricted by barbells)
    --Shruggs (large traps help give the illusion of widened shoulders)
    --Incline bench press (helps give the look of the the front delts sweeping/blending smoothly into the pectorials--this helps give the illusion of a wider upper body)

    The number one most important thing for a wide-look is:
    --Diet (you won't grow if your diet isn't on point).
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    Thanks for your help!!!!!

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    I agree with bask8 but I will also add a finishing exercise that most neglect. It's the db overhead pullover. Lying on your pronated(back) on flat bench or with the flat bench and your upper back is resting on the edge. These can really stretch your rib cage working both the chest & overall back. Use a slight bend in your arm(simular to flies,same princible) to target the chest region and straight arm more for back.

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    FULLY NUDE!!! me!
    I got my military press up to 350 pounds for reps

    I wouldnt say that didnt put on size but I will say that I really noticed growth/stimulation after doing lateral front side and rear drop sets.


    40 to 30 to 15 for as many as I could for 3 total sets of 3 drops each

    sides same
    rears same

    had to buy new dress shirts

    its not easy tho, and you will plateau.

    my 2 cents

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    i would also say add some high-pulls with the shrugs to hit the traps harder and pump up the upper back area

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