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    Post Injury lighter weights

    here are my stats ahead of time

    21 years old
    BF 10%

    lifting for roughly 7 years(first 4 seemed to be learning experiences)

    I know this is probably talked about several times in here but for some reason I cant find it in the search anywhere

    Recently(last tuesday) I pulled my left arm out of the socket

    For some odd reason the muscle has regenerated very quickly and my orthopedic surgeon said I can go back to weight lifting but lighter weights for now

    Now instead of looking at this bad Im gonna take this as an opportunity to try and cut. Im looking to lose and honest 5-7lbs of fat

    I already am going to be doing cardio every morning for 45 mins on a empty stomach

    I know I should probably keep the reps between 10-15ish

    But how many sets?

    Also is there a way to prevent or save as much muscle as possible, I would hate to think I would lose all this after working so hard to put it on...

    Any other tips are more then welcomed


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    You can go the Arnold route and go 5-6 sets of 12 reps for upper body and 5-6 sets or 20 reps for lower body. 30 seconds to 1 minute rest in between sets. Super setting opposing muscles like tri's and bi's will also give you enormous pumps.

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    Stick with the light reps to help fight catabolism. Make sure your eating enough carbs and protein to maintain your muscle. Take a look at some of the diet stickys to get ideas of good dieting.

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