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Thread: Rep scheme?

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    Rep scheme?

    I originally was gonna do 5 sets reps of 10,8,6,4, and 1 last set to failure (which I would be able to do about 2) for my rep scheme but on the other board someone recommended that I do less sets and ditch my last set to '2'.

    After researching the matter I was thinking of only doing 3 sets reps of 8,6, and 1 last set to failure (which I should be able to do 4). I also plan on doing my deads 3 sets reps of 5,4, and 1 last set to failure (about 3) and 4 way neck machine with 3 sets reps of 15,12, and 1 last set to failure (about 10).
    I am training just to get a good base and some functional strength for when I start boxing in a couple months.

    I have 2 questions:

    1) Does this rep scheme look ok for my goals of a good base and some functional strength for when I start boxing in a couple months?

    2) Would this be a good rep scheme even if I wasn't training for boxing? If I was just weightlifting and wanted to get bigger and stronger, would this be a good rep scheme?

    Here is my training routine:

    Day 1 Mon

    Flat dumbell press
    Seated dumbell shoulder press
    Seated bent over reverse flys
    Seated dumbell shrugs

    Day 2 Wed

    Standing calve raises
    4 way neck machine

    Day 3 Fri

    Seated cable rows
    Wide grip lat pulldowns
    Kneeling rope cable crunches
    Cable side bends

    I'm 24 years old 6' 225 and haven't really lifted in 3 years.

    I will do this for 6 weeks and than I will add an exercise to each day (leg curls and leg extensions to day 2 and side lateral raises to day 1.

    I will also be doing some light rotator cuff exercises after each workout. Not to mention stretching before, during, and after my workout.
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    Im still a newb but ive seen fantastic gains mixing it up. Heavy one week 4-6 reps with a few sets. Light the next week with 10-20 reps with several sets. I have improved my strenght and endurance.

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    I wouldn't set the amount a reps, go for a weight that you can push for 4-6, once you hit 7 it is time to move up in weight.

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