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    Squeezing the muscle

    In Arnolds Encyclopedia of bodybuilding he says that when doing certain exercises like (I'll just name a few) tricep pushdowns, incline dumbell curls, and upright rows, you should squeeze the muscle at the top (or bottom) of your lift to feel the muscle contract.

    Wouldn't doing this burn you out faster and thus cut down on the amount of reps you can do?

    Does anyone lift like this?

    I always though you should do a lift in one continuous motion without stopping.

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    Its just a variation on exercises... helps squeeze more blood into the muscle resulting in a better pump. There's no one "right" way to to everything, what works for someone might not work for everyone.

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    Have you ever seen his video when he is doing v-bar rows he isnt being to strict when hes doing those and hes not pausing and squeezing his muscle its just one continuous motion. I read that in his book too butI only squeeze my muscle on a few different exercises, for the most part its one contiuous motion

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    i stop just short of locking out on most of my lifts...squeeze a little at the top, without locking out...then continue with the rep...seems to work well for me.

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