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    TomDiesel is offline New Member
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    Oct 2004

    Who has the best arm routine to add some size!!!

    im looking for something to add mass

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    se11 is offline Associate Member
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    Feb 2004
    For bi's hammer curls and barbell curls are usually the best strength builders.
    For tri's skull crushers and close grip bench presses are PROBABLY the best ones, but not 100% sure on close grips.

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    ToJuice,OrNotToJuice is offline Associate Member
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    Sep 2004
    This is what my workout looks like

    Barbell Curl 3 sets 4-7
    Skulls 3 sets 4-7
    Alternates 2 sets 4-7
    close bench2 sets 4-7
    ez bar curl 1 set 4-7
    single over head ext 1 set 4-7

    Hope that helps works for me

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