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    getting more cut

    im about 5'11'' and weigh 180 lbs i dont know my body fat percentage or if that matters but whenever i work out i feel as though my body just gets more cut up and defined rather then bulkier and thick. i dont know if its my genetics or my work out routine. i dont work=out my muscles in pairs i isolate each muscle. i do low reps with high weight but it seems like my body just gets cut up. im two weeks into my cycle does that have anything to do with it? what am i doing wrong i eat like a monster at least 4000 calories a day with plenty of protein but it just seems uselss.

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    Keep adding cals (especially carbs) until you see a difference, because eventually you will.

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    Compound excersises are a must. You can get big using isolation excersises however compound movements like bench, squat, and pullups are the best for overall mass. I jsut dont see how you can have a complete workout without any compound excersises at all...can you explain? Also, it is hard to really push yourself with high weights like you can on compound excersises. You need to use heavy weights to get have to train with intensity to really get the size many desire.

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    Do exercises specifically for mass, and increase your diet. Try going to the diet form and look up the sticky on "How To Bulk"

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    diet is key bro as well as educated training

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