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    Just starting squats and deads

    I asked this on another board but noone answered me.

    If I'm just starting squats and deads would it be wise to do only one of them a week and alternate them? For example squat this week but don't deadlift, deadlift next week but don't squat.

    Also I plan on doing deads with a routine of 4 sets reps of 5,4,3, and 1 last set to failure (should come out to about 2 reps). The squats I plan on doing 4 sets reps of 10,8,6 and 1 last set to failure (should come out to about 4 reps).

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    I do both, with at least 2 days between them, i.e. deadlift Monday, squat Thursday, and I find that adequate. When starting out you may be pretty sore, but you should be able to get through it.

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    If you are just starting, I would not do the low rep to failure training. I would use a moderate load, "textbook form" and gradually increase the weight.

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    I agree with hypertrophy. when you're just starting, you need to get your form down. I would do sets in the range of 8-10... and try not to go for taht "extra rep" if it means breaking form. Just doing the exercises is going to be hard core enough to your body for you to see great benefits. Don't train stupid.

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    Like ABoot said, give at least two days between the two. Your plan sounds right on, that is great going to failure just watch form.

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