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    Shoulder impingement and still do upright rows

    I suffer from shoulder impingement syndrome (from years of sparring in boxing). I am eliminating exercises that cause pain. So far I have eliminated shoulder presses, arnold presses, any behind the neck movement, any fly movement, any kind of dips, and pullovers.

    My question is I heard upright rows are bad for your rotator cuffs but I experience NO pain at all when I do them. Should I keep them or drop them?

    Also, I heard when doing side lat raises and reverse flys it is reccomended that you turn your wrists in a 'pouring motion'. But when reading posts here they say that that's bad. What is the correct way to do it and why?

    Last but not least, flat, incline, or dumbell bench presses...which ones should I keep and which ones should I drop.

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    you cant have that fixed? surgery? jw because you seem to not be able to do alot of the main excersices for chest and shoulders because of it

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    I think he's just doing this until his rotator cuff heals and then I would think he would try and strengthen those muscles.

    I would get rid of the inclines since that uses more shoulders and puts your arm in more of an overhead position. For now just stick to light flat bench presses, you can do heavier work with a narrower grip but of course that also uses more tri's.

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