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    Cardio - 70% of Target HR..?!

    I've been getting pretty consistent with cardio the last 3 weeks and figured I was in the fat-burning range, but didn't bother to calculate the #s until now. According to the stickies on cutting/bulking...

    The proper cardio for burning fat is done by staying in your target heart rate for fat burning which is 65-70% of your max heart rate for a period of 45-60 minutes. To figure this out you can use the following formula:

    220 – your age * .65
    220 – your age * .7

    Example for a 22 year old:

    220 – 22 * .65 = 128.7
    220 – 22 * .7 = 138.6

    Ok, I'm 30 and it looks like I need to stay between 123-133bpm?? Maybe I'm more used to the cardio zone but I don't break a sweat in that range or feel even slightly out of breath..I'm used to getting around 150bpm about 25-30 minutes in before getting a decent amount of sweat going.

    I wanna make sure this is right. I'm not supposed to be feeling winded after 45 minutes of being on a cross-trainer, treadmill, a consistent 130bpm the whole time, though I'll be burning fat at a much higher level than if I had slowly increased the speed/difficulty throughout my session and ending at about 150-155bpm? Sounds like crazy-talk, man!

    I've read this in magazines also, but I don't feel like I've done anything if I don't need to wipe my forehead even once when I'm done. Does the usual "effort put in=what you get back" not apply here? Thanks for any input you can offer, guys!
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    Getting Fat
    Use the Karvonen Method.

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