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    Please help! Increase Upper Body - where to start!

    I'm an average guy - mid 30's. I am in excellent - well above average aerobic, stomach, and leg strength; but, I have NEVER focused on upper body.

    I have an okay upper body (crappy by your standards) - but I want to pump it up - quickly (1-2 months) - for looks and only looks.

    Realistically, I will not be doing over about 5 upper body focused lifts - so what should I do?

    I am thinking curls, rows, tricept extensions, side & front raises, bent over raises ?... I do have free wieghts at home. I am prepared to do whatever it takes.

    So... What are the top 5 and what should I be eating/drinking, taking, etc?

    My Stats:
    Age, Bodyweight/fat: 37/147lb/11%bf
    Training Experience: very low knowledge - incredible leg and endurance
    Goals: Noticable Upper Body for looks only - abs already good
    4 week goal - very noticable improvement
    8 week goal - super noticable upper body! then maintenance...
    Existing/Previous Injuries: None - Don't break easily
    Ergogenic Aids(currently just started - past 2 weeks):
    Nitrotech - 80gm prot/day (working towards more - get full)
    CellTech - 4 scoops/day (working up to more)
    No2 - does this do anything?
    Don't want to use anything I can't get at GNC
    Diet: 2000 cal/dy: eat very well - but on top of the above powders, I get very full very fast.

    If possible, I also need to know:
    rest between reps
    Workout days/wk



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    Well, first off, you are not going to get huge in 2 months, no matter what you take. I hope you know that. And I know the guy at GNC told you differently, but they work on commision and they will tell you cat piss will get you huge if they want to sell some.

    Join a gym. A basic home free weight set doesnt go heavy enough to build big muscles. And youre going to have to do a HELL of a lot more than 5 exercises to get big. I'd recommend a split like this.


    4-5 Exercises per bodypart, 3-4 sets per exercise. Stay in the rep range that you can only do 4-8 of.

    Diet is everything, and 2000 calories isnt enough to build muscle. Take a look at the bulking sticky in the diet forum for some excellent advice. You need to eat at least 6 times a day, and if you get full and still need to eat some more, force feed. It sucks but if thats what you need to do, then thats what you need to do.
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    Bro two months you not going to get really pumped up and its evan more harder as I am guessing you are a runner. To help make sure you stop the cardio IMO concentrate on flat/ incline bench, straight bar curls ,pushdowns, deads to name a few. 2000 kcals will be maintaining only so you might get tone but not real huge. You cannot go into a program half -ass for only 1-2 months and expect miracles as bodybuilding is a lifestyle way..

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    right behind ya
    Up The Cals! 100 Lb Women Are Supposed To Be On 2000 Calorie Diets!

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    Okay Guys - I will never as big as you guys & I do run. But I am VERY SERIOUS!

    I will eat more - no prob - how much?

    I know I cannot get huge in 8 weeks, but I want a max fast build - not slow.

    I have built my legs and ab where I want over 2 years
    NOW, I want to move to Upper Body.

    What do I need to do for max upper body?
    What do you suggest?

    I am new and I do not understand "stop the cardio IMO"?

    Please help!
    I am dedicated and serious.
    I have been very serious for years - just not on upper body - which is where I am moving - now.

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    I gave you a bunch of suggestions for "max upper body"

    Look at the bulking diet in the diet forum for how much (and WHAT) to eat.
    Plenty of bulking workouts available in the workout forum.

    "stop the cardio IMO" = "stop the cardio, in my opinion"
    aka stop running.

    When bulking (trying to build muscle as fast as possible) cardio wastes valuable calories that are absolutely essential to muscle anabolism. You can eat a lot of food if its the right kind and still stay relatively lean while bulking. You need to slow down your metabolism, and eating 2000 calories a day and running all the time are roadblocks to this happening.
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