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    Bulking Program!! While Cycling...

    I want to get a new program. I have been working out now for about 4 years. I just started a cycle of Test E 500mg 1-12 wks D-Bol 1-4 and Nova. I go to college so I can only workout on week days. I want a good monday to friday program that will help me to bulk up and gain mass. If anyone has a really good one hook me up. Thanks...

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    Get a workout split going first then put in the exercises that you feel put mass on you. And train progressively. Also diet will be a big factor in the amount of muscle mass you put on during this bulking cycle.

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    I got the same situation as you this is what I do

    Chest/Calf - Monday
    Back - Tuesday
    Shoulders/Abs - Wednesday
    Arms - Thursday
    Legs - Friday

    I go as heavy as possible to get 5-6 reps, Compound movements, about 6 sets for about for each body part. Hope that helps

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